"Who Tai Chi extensively operates and uses will be as smooth as a child, as strong as a lumberjack and as relaxed as a sage."

It's the target, to sensitize human on breathing and flexibility. Concentrated on your physical health and mental well-being, not to maintain, rather to raise. As the Shaolin System reached its peak in the 12th century, a new school for inner martial arts arises, it's called Tai Chi Chuan (TCC), on the mount Wudang, a holy mountain for Taoists. The inner school succeed the principals of relaxation, breathing and fluent movements as well as the conscious control of the Qi (Energy) in fighting techniques.

TCC Movements are practiced slowly and quietly consistent with breathing in short and long cycles. Those movements do permit a concentrated muscle building, amass the organs and turn TCC to movement meditation. Especially in recent times, it is often considered as a general system of kinematics or gymnastic, which on one hand is very beneficial for health and on the other hand serves the personal development and meditation. More often the martial art aspect steps back because of those aspects or disappear completely.

«There's nothing in the world softer and thinner than water. But in order to conquer the hard and the rigid, nothing equals this. That the weak defeats the strong, that the hard is subject to the soft, everyone knows it, but no one acts accordingly».

Liu He Ba Fa (Waterstyle Boxing) is a fighting style of its own. In its movements it resembles the river, the softness and the power of the water. Formless, evasive, untouchable - like floating clouds, this martial art style has its own "mysterious" character. Waterstyle Boxing is taught at an advanced level and requires a lot of dedication and passion.