"The Journey is the Destination and the Destination is the Journey."

Essential is not what you experience, but how you experience and especially how you live.

Try to live in the present and not the past or the future because the present is the moment in which you find yourself.

Enjoy every moment day by day, because only by then you'll live your live at its fullest.

It's not easy to go your way; it's tough, until you arrive at your destination. Obstacles are everywhere, and sometimes they get you down. But it's worth it to get back up and go your way, because suddenly you are at your Destination. But now what? Stop and rest? Take a look at the distance travelled?

The Destination you were looking for is not existent anymore. You have arrived, but what now?

Lift your view, a new Destination far away, a new way to learn on. To go some ways, for me, that's Life!