Shaolin Kung Fu 少林功夫

"Never be afraid to go slow, but beware before stand still!"

The Moh style (also called Tempel-Style) is the base of the basic technique of every trainee. This Style is put together with fighting techniques from Honan-Shaolin-Cloister (North) and Fukien-Shaolin-Cloister (South). That means, that for south style typical close and middle distance hit, defence and grab-techniques be taught. For fights at a distance the kicks, rotating kicks, leg sweep, jump and fly kicks from the north styles be taught. Training with short and long weapons like sword, javelin, stick, chain, broadsword and three-piece stick are a good extension.

Children Kung Fu 功夫

Children past 6 acquire to move and handle fears from roll, fall, jump and balance.Imitations of fight-movements from styles of snape, crane, tiger and monkey are playfull conducted. Children Kung Fu is without any constraint, makes a lot of fun and promotes a safe and self-confident appearance.